Framed Image

We think about art differently, We design differently, We frame differently, Our clients expect a difference.


About Us

Framed Image was founded in 1980 by Herb Padzensky; in 1997 the business was purchased by Lee Keeler. We have been in the same Happy Canyon Shopping Center location for 38 years. Since the late 1990’s our business has grown substantially to require a dedicated framing location, in addition to our original design center in Happy Canyon Shopping Center.

Framed Image quickly established a reputation for their art exhibitions and exceptional framing designs. Every two months Framed Image exhibits regional and nationally known artists.

Framed Image carries over 2000 framing samples. 

We have paid particular attention to insure that we have frames in all price ranges and for every taste.  We represent APF-Abe Munn Company, frame makers for the White House, the Metropolitan and MOMA Museums. They are one of the finest finished corner frame makers in the US.

Our specialty lies in getting to the heart of what our client needs, whether that is framing your child’s first art effort, framing an original Picasso, or preserving a museum quality artifact. At Framed Image we are committed to design excellence. We will take your vision of how your art should look and lend you our design expertise, to craft a piece you will be proud to display.

We know our proficiencies, and when there is a service you require that is not in our realm of expertise we will solicit a respected craftsman’s skills. Be it for restoration, art transportation and installation or appraisal. We know where we excel and we only recommend experts in their respective fields.


We are not a chain, or a big box location where you have no idea who framed your artwork. When a frame is created for your artwork, one of our craftsmen completes your order, from start to finish. Their business card lives on the back of your finished piece, their signature. We are proud to not be another production, factory style shop. We are proud that we take longer to complete a job than some of the 1-day, 1- week standards in this industry.   We work with Denver’s Top Designers we know when to design fashion and when to design classic. We know that every piece of artwork in your home is not a masterpiece; we just want it to look like one. Our cutting edge design and execution are what make us different. We are also NOT AFRAID to save our clients money. Is the art to be framed the focal point of a room, a masterpiece, or a decorative accessory for that new powder room? “Pick your battles”.